Forum updated to XenForo V2


Defender of the Earth
Jul 23, 2016
Central City
Hi everyone!

We updated the forum to XenForo V2 and our dark theme has been upgraded to be compatible. No content on the site has changed, and we wanted to let you know about a few new features:

- What's New: You'll see a "What's New" menu in the top navigation that lets you explore new content in the forums, including new posts, new profile posts, your newsfeed, and latest activity.

- More member stats: Clicking on "Members" in the top navigation lets you see member stats including most messages, most likes, and most points.

- Enhanced message editing: Now you can edit messages entirely in-place (no more overlays).

- New media embedding features: The BB Code Media system now supports embedding Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram photos, Reddit posts, Spotify tracks, and Soundcloud tracks. Simply paste a link to the media in your message.

- Emoji support: All textual content in the forum now supports emojis.

- Member tooltip: When you click on a member's name (for example, when reading a thread), a small window will appear. This is the member tooltip and shows you basic info about the member. You can easily send a message to that member by clicking on "Start Conversation." If you click on the member's name a second time, you'll be taken to the member's full profile.

- Enhanced mobile-friendly style: The previous version of XenForo was great on mobile devices, and V2 is even better! When visiting the forums on your mobile device, you'll notice a sticky header that keeps the main menu, inbox, alerts, and What's New available at all times.

We hope you enjoy these features and that they make your experience on Valiant Star even better! If you have questions or need help with forum features, please feel free to post in the Help Desk or send a PM to either me or @Lifefire.

See you around the forums!